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Fun & Adventurous pre wedding shoots in South Wales.

We absolutely love getting our wedding couples out for a pre session and we like to make as relaxed and fun as possible. We are so lucky in Wales to have such beautiful places to shoot. Beaches, mountains and countryside as our play ground.

If your one of our wedding couples and are on the fence if you should have a couples pre shoot then heres why we think you should.

You'll get to know us in front of the camera. Yes you might have met us, booked us and already like us but a pre shoot bonds us that little more and will make you super comfortable with us on your wedding day. We want you to enjoy every little bit of your wedding day and that defiantly means the part where we get to take you off and get beautiful shots of you both as a married couple. It's worrying for some couples we know. Will it be super natural or over posed and will they direct us.

All our couples who have a pre wedding shoot with us are very surprised how un- awkward it was and see that we have a method that allows us to let it flow naturally but also get great shots that you would think are more posed than they actually are.

Defiantly get one booked in before your wedding day.

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